From the moment of its foundation, Tobolsk inherited from the capital of the Siberian Khanate the role of a trade intermediary between East and West. Trade routes from European Russia to China and Central Asia – the Great Silk Road and the Great Tea Route – passed through Tobolsk.

It is no coincidence that the city’s Bazaar Square was the busiest and busiest place in the lower settlement of Tobolsk.

The northern border of the Bazaar Square is formed by the buildings of the city magistrate and the shop of the merchant Georgy Nikolaevich Konstantinov.

The eastern side of the square is closed by the stone building of the Drinking Establishments, built in 1790. On its first floor there were once shops, and on the second there were ward rooms, built on a mezzanine in the middle.

At 6 Bazarnaya Square, on the site of the former shopping arcade, there is a solid two-storey building made of red brick, built in 1907–1909. specially for a state-owned pharmaceutical warehouse. It housed a pharmacy, a laboratory, pharmaceutical warehouses, and a pharmacist’s apartment.

The decoration of the Market Square is the Church of Zechariah and Elizabeth, erected in 1776. The most famous and wealthy residents of Tobolsk were the parishioners of this church, for which the epithet “pearl of the Siberian baroque” was firmly entrenched. The merchant quarter, consisting of stone mansions of the 18th-19th centuries, originates from this church.

Today Bazaar Square is once again glad to welcome guests with a Siberian scale and hospitality!