On Victory Square there is a sculpture and memorial complex “Tobolyakov Immortal Regiment”, consisting of “Alley of Heroes”, the monument “Tobolyakov Immortal Regiment” and “Wall of People’s Memory”. The complex is unique not only in the Tyumen region, but also in the entire territory of the Russian Federation. The idea of the authors of the monument is to show that in a single procession of the immortal regiment, great – grandfathers-participants of the Great Patriotic War and their great-grandchildren can go together. In this procession, incredible events take place: the meeting of a mother with her son who died in the war, a daughter with her father, a sister with her brother, a teacher with his students.
Also on Victory Square there is a “Wall of People’s Memory”, which includes 12 stands and contains about 3,600 photos of participants of the Great Patriotic War and home front workers – all those who brought Victory closer. On a Wall, you can see the portraits of the seven heroes of the Soviet Union (Gryaznov Alexander Matveyevich, Volokhov Alexander, Vazhenin Victor M., Khalil Ahmed abdulhakovich, Omelchuk Gregory K., Pervukhin Alex G., Kuskov V. D.).

The Alley of Heroes memorial is located on the square in front of the Eternal Flame. Along the alley – 10 granite steles with a height of 2.5 meters. On the bas-reliefs are nine holders of the Hero’s star-Alexey Melnikov, Afrikant Yerofeyevsky, Ivan Bespalov, Alexey Rogozhin, Yakov Neumoev, Alexander Zvyagin, Timofey Charkov, Grigory Koshkarov, Alexander Logunov – and one full knight of the Order of Glory, Alexander Kutepov.

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