In 1646, a wooden church in honor of St. Andrew the First-Called was erected by mounted Cossacks in the Cossack settlement.

In 1749, this temple was rebuilt with stone at the expense of the Tobolsk merchant Avraam Leontievich Sumkin. In 1818, a stone fence was erected. The final appearance of the church was acquired in 1806, when the old bell tower was replaced by a new, smaller one.
On February 10, 1854, the famous author of the fairy tale “The Hunchback Horse”, inspector of the Tobolsk provincial gymnasium P. P. Yershov and the daughter of Major General N. L. Cherkasov-E. N. Cherkasov were married there.

St. Andrew’s Church is a very rare type of “refectory church”, in addition, its distinctive feature is a two-altar altar – in honor of St. Andrew the Apostle and the Martyr John the Warrior, as a result of which the composition of the two-apse altar is asymmetric.
In 2013, the restoration of the church was completed.

Address: Tobolsk, Volodarsky street, 81