Tobolsk Historical Necropolis – Zavalnoye Cemetery got its name from its location behind an earthen rampart – a defensive structure of the 17th century that defended the city from the north. The cemetery was opened in 1772. This is the burial place of people who made the glory of not only the city of Tobolsk, but also Russia: P.P. Ershova, P.A. Grabovsky, P.A. Slovtsova, M.S. Znamensky, poet, D.P. Davydova, A.A. Dunin-Gorkavich. The grave of the father and sister of the great scientist D.I. Mendeleev, Decembrists: A.P. Baryatinsky, S.G. Krasnokutsky, V.K. Kuchelbecker, A.M. Muravyova, F.B. Wolf, F.M. Bashmakova, S.M. Semenov.

Since the foundation of the cemetery, a wooden temple in the name of the Seven Youths of Ephesus has appeared on its territory.
The cemetery is a federal cultural heritage site.

Address: Tobolsk, . S. Remezova st., 55