The facade of the building of a residential building at the address: 10 microdistrict, d. 1 is painted according to the sketches of the winner of the competition “Formula of Art” Tobolsk artist Yuri Rudenko. The work “Space Maiden” won in the category from 18 to 55 years old.

According to the author, the painting embodies the “art of transformation”. The sketch depicts the creative essence of man, creation as the need for self-expression, the inner feeling that we are something complex and an attempt to form (transform) this is in the material world. The colors warm in the light and cold in the shadow tell us about duality, the union of these two fundamental truths generates a cyclical movement-an idea (child) that we contemplate as a reflection of ourselves.

The graffiti was applied by street art artist Ilya Belov in September 2018.