In 2019, the installation of new bus stop complexes, designed in a single design, began in Tobolsk. The design was developed in the design workshop “Color of the City” under the direction of Dmitry Zelenin (Tyumen).

According to the authors, the main idea of the design concept is “Tobolsk – the capital of Siberia”. In a philosophical perspective, a stop is a point on the route, an island on the river of history. A person, getting into it, becomes a participant in events related directly to his hometown. Each station is a small chapter of a historical book that speaks about the uniqueness of the native place, written in the colorful language of visual art, which will allow you to look at your city from a new angle.

The 3 authors of the murals: Maria Volkova, Elena Kurash and Vitaly Morsky drew inspiration from the history and modern culture of Tobolsk.