Stadium “Tobol”

Stadium “Tobol” was put into operation in 2010. The stadium hosts competitions in athletics, cross-country skiing, football, volleyball, basketball, mountain biking at various levels.

The stadium is equipped with everything necessary for holding competitions and active recreation of the townspeople:

– Football field with artificial turf;

– Sports core with the athletics sector;

– Stands for 2963 seats (additional stand for 608 seats);

– Court with artificial turf for tennis;

– Artificial turf for volleyball;

– Basketball court with artificial turf;

– Small training field with artificial turf;

– Asphalt ski-roller track 1000 meters;

– Outdoor exercise equipment;

– Snow Park “Penguin”, a slope for tubing;

– Track for mountain biking, cross-country;

– Ski module;

There is also a special cycling track at the stadium. It is an alternation of pits, counter-slopes and does not contain flat areas. The pump track in Tobolsk consists of two identical tracks and is the longest in Russia. Not only cyclists can ride it, but also fans of roller skates, scooters and skateboards.

Sports complex “Tobol” (universal game room 48 * 30 m, 234 seats in the stands, cafeteria).

Address: Tobolsk, Roshinsky lane, building 69

Phones: 8 (3456) 25-20-45, 25-97-94, 24-88-17


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