Memorial Zavalnoye Cemetery

Zavalnoye cemetery is the oldest cemetery in the city of Tobolsk, which is a monument of federal significance. The name “Zavalnoye” is associated with the location of the cemetery beyond the former northern border of the city – an earthen rampart built in 1688.

The cemetery has been operating since 1772. In 1774, the lighting of the wooden church in the name of the seven youths of Effess took place, built “for the first time.” And already by 1776 a stone cemetery church was built.

The Tobolsk necropolis is the burial place of people who made the glory of not only the city of Tobolsk, but also Russia as a whole: the writer P.P. Ershov, Ukrainian poet P.A. Grabovsky, the historian of Siberia P.A. Slovtsov, artist and archaeologist M.S. Znamensky, poet D.P. Davydov, researcher of Siberia A.A. Dunin-Gorkavich. Here, returning from exile, A.N. Radishchev buried his wife Elizaveta Rubanovskaya. Father and sister of D.I. Mendeleev. The graves of the Decembrists are known and revered: A.P. Baryatinsky, S.G. Krasnokutsky, V.K. Kuchelbecker, A.M. Muravyova, F.B. Wolf, F.M. Bashmakova, S.M. Semenov.