For two hundred years of existence, the Tobolsk infantry regiment took part in dozens of military events, completely changed its composition three times and was disbanded in 1918. The infantry regiment was formed in Moscow on December 6, 1703 – during the reign of Peter I. Thus, the regiment is one of the oldest in the Russian army. He got the link to the name of the Siberian city two years later. The regiment fought with the Swedes at Poltava, with the French at Smolensk and Borodino, took Paris by storm, fought with the Turks on the Danube. In the second half of the 19th century, he survived the hardest 10 months in Sevastopol, where he lost 4500 people. During the First World War, he was involved in the most difficult battles: he took part in the Battle of Galicia, and after its successful completion he was thrown into the area of ​​Lodz and Petrokow. The regiment served 13 emperors, made more than 20 military campaigns, fought in 35 big bloody battles.