For a Russian who has never even been here, Tobolsk is associated not only with Siberia, but also with the North. The mixture of elements of northern and southern nature gives Tobolsk landscapes a special flavor. On the territory of the administrative south of the Tyumen region, only Tobolsk is inhabited by granular goose onions, peony marin root, ancient fern virginian grass, steppe sap and other rare plants, meesia marsh moss, haploporus odorous mushroom.

The originality and uniqueness of the Tobolsk flora is also given by the Tobolsk cinquefoil and the circular cuff. These plants from the Rosaceae family were found for the first time and cars for science in Tobolsk. And, although Potentilla Tobolsk is found in other places of the Tyumen region, its name sounds the name of the city – an honor that was awarded to the rare Tobolsk.