Shein Alexey Semenovich (August 1652 – February 12, 1700) – Russian statesman and military leader, close boyar (from 1695), the first Russian generalissimo (06/28/1696).

The last representative of the ancient boyar family. The only son of the steward Semyon Ivanovich Shein. His great-grandfather Mikhail Borisovich Shein commanded the Russian troops during the Smolensk War of 1632-1634. Russian troops were defeated. Mikhail Shein was accused of treason and executed, and his family was exiled to the Simbirsk province.

In 1680 – 1681, Aleksey Shein was the governor of Tobolsk and in 1683 – 1684 in Kursk.
He became famous for his participation in the Crimean campaigns in 1687 and 1689 and in the Azov campaigns in 1695-1696.
For the capture of Azov, Tsar Peter awarded Shein with the rank of generalissimo, unprecedented in Russia.

Later, Peter I appointed Shein commander-in-chief of the entire army, commander of artillery, cavalry and head (judge) of the Inozem order.
In 1698, Shein took part in the suppression of the rifle revolt. Later Shein fell out of favor with Peter I for not exposing the connection between the archers and Princess Sophia.

Shein was buried in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra.

In memory of A.S. Shein in Tobolsk has a bas-relief.