Remezov Semyon Ulyanovich (1642 – about 1722) – Russian cartographer, architect, geographer and historian of Siberia.

Born in Tobolsk between 17 and 27 April 1642 in the family of the boyar son Ulyan Moiseevich Remezov. The Remezovs’ yard was located on the Posolskaya street of Tobolsk.

S.U. Remezov entered the civil service in 1682. Remezov’s activities were associated with the usual work for service people. He took part in military campaigns, went to collect yasak in the yasak volosts. The result of acquaintance with the topography of the region was the compilation of the first Siberian detailed drawings and geographic atlases – “Chorographic drawing book”, “Service drawing book”, “Drawing book of Siberia” containing 24 maps and 18 city drawings.

The central work in the creative activity of S.U. Remezov is the “History of Siberia”, created by him as a result of an enthusiastic study of Siberian chronicles, collection of Russian and Tatar legends, legends and stories about Yermak and Kuchum. The chronicle is illustrated with drawings by S.U. Remezov.

S.U. Remezov can also be called the first ethnographer of Siberia. In his work “Description of the Siberian peoples” the author tells about all Siberian peoples known to him.

In 1698 – 1699 S. U Remezov is developing a project for the stone Tobolsk Kremlin, on the construction of which he worked for the next seventeen years. Several buildings built by him have survived to this day: rent, a guest house, as well as the first floor of the Prikaz Chamber (today a component of the Governor’s Palace).

An important place in the literary heritage of Remezov and his sons is occupied by the “Official Drawing Book”, work on which stretched from 1699 to 1730.