Alexander Filippovich Kokorinov (1726 – 1772) – famous Russian architect, the first rector of the Academy of Arts.

Born in Tobolsk on June 29 (July 10) 1726 in the family of an official. At the age of 14, he became a student of the architect I.Ya. Blank. He continued his studies in Moscow with I.K. Korobov, and then V.S. Obukhov. In 1749, Alexander Kokorinov was transferred to the Ukhtomsky school, where he began to teach. He designed a lot for Moscow, was engaged in the restoration of the walls and gates of the Moscow Kremlin and Kitay-gorod.

From 1754 he lived in St. Petersburg, where in 1761 he became director, in 1765 – professor of architecture, and in 1769 – rector of the Imperial Academy of Arts. Participated in the design and construction of the building of the Academy of Arts, together with J. B. M. Wallen-Delamot.

The author of projects of such buildings as G.A. Demidov on the Moika (1752-1753), I.I. Shuvalov (now the Ministry of Justice), the palace-estate of K.G. Razumovsky in Petrovsko-Razumovsky in Moscow (1762-1766). He is the founder of Russian classicism in architecture.