Dmitriev Nikolay Alexandrovich

Dmitriev Nikolai Alexandrovich (December 27, 1924 – September 23, 2000) – Soviet mathematician and theoretical physicist, one of the participants in the atomic project in the USSR, laureate of the Stalin and State Prizes of the USSR.

Born in Tobolsk in the family of a former officer of the tsarist army. At the age of 15, N. A. Dmitriev entered the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics at Moscow State University.

ON. Dmitriev was one of the first to be involved in work on the Soviet atomic project. The works of N.A. Dmitriev laid the foundation for theoretical methods of calculating products, made a great contribution to the creation of nuclear weapons. Most theorists and mathematicians learned from his work. He laid the foundations of theoretical methods for calculating the equations of state of substances in extreme conditions.