Nikolay Yakovlevich Afanasiev

Nikolai Yakovlevich Afanasyev (December 31, 1820 (January 12, 1821), Tobolsk – May 22 (June 3) 1898, St. Petersburg) – one of the largest Russian violinists, composer, pianist-teacher.

Showing extraordinary talent, Afanasyev Jr., at the age of fifteen, gave a recital in Moscow, and two years later he was admitted to the Imperial Opera Orchestra. In 1857, the violinist’s concerts were held in Germany, France, England, Switzerland and Italy.

Upon returning from a tour to Russia, Afanasyev began composing music, and from that time on he became known almost exclusively as a composer. Afanasyeva is the author of a large number of works, but most of them have not yet been published.

The influence of Russian musical folklore is clearly manifested in Afanasyev’s work: he often uses motives and rhythms of folk songs and dances.