The festival “Fresh soup-Queen ” is held in the city of Tobolsk – in the city of Irtysh, historically famous for its fish wealth. The festival recreates the atmosphere of a real tourist trip with songs at the bonfire, tasting of the Siberian fresh soup. Guests have a unique opportunity to taste different types of fish products prepared by participants in the gastronomic competition. The festival is a real family holiday where you can relax, enjoy the taste of a Fresh soup, fish spreads, the beauty of Siberian landscapes, and entrepreneurs present their products!

Venue: Tobolsk district, Durynina village, Vinokurovo recreation area.

Contacts: Economic Committee
8 (3456) 24-12-45, Tobolsk Branch Support of Russia
8 (3456) 22-63-50, ANO KSK “Pegasus” 8 (3456) 27-01-72.