The festival of historical reconstruction “Abalak field” is planed as an annual holiday on the history of the early Middle Ages. The walls of the tourist complex “Abalak”, built in the style of a prison of the sixteenth century, contribute to the immersion in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Participants of the festival are clubs of historical reconstruction from all over Russia .

Along with the military component, the festival also highlights everyday history, crafts, cuisine, and the urban planning component. A  reconstructed military camp is presented , with household items, clothing, things, weapons, armor and jewelry.

The concept of the festival is based on the principle of direct involvement of the audience to what is happening, contact with the participants of the historical reconstruction. And in the evening of the first day of the festival, guests will enjoy a concert of popular folk ensembles.

Venue: Tobolsk district, Abalak village  , Tourist complex “Abalak”.

Contacts: Tourist complex “Abalak”, tel .: 8 (3456) 33-12-79, 8-912-920-62-48.