On the high bank of the Irtysh near the Kuchumov settlement there is a historical and memorial complex “Isker”, surrounded by a wooden palisade. This place is sacred for the Siberian Tatars. It is in this place that the «Искер-җыен» Festival has been held annually since 2008. The program of the festival includes an All-Russian scientific and practical conference, a contest of creative teams and performers, masters of decorative and applied art. During the festival, guests are invited to take part in collective prayer (Хатым-Аш) in honor of their ancestors, in various national competitions (horse racing, wrestling ” Көрәш”), taste national cuisine, visit expositions of museum corners, get acquainted with the work of folk craftsmen, see a theatrical performance of the Siberian Khanate, visit the “Искер-Кала”yurt, visit “with Khan Kuchum himself and his subjects.”

Venue: Tobolsk district, Historical – memorial complex “Isker” (19th kilometer of the road “Tobolsk – Baigara”).

Contacts: Regional tatar republic organisation “Heritage” in the Tyumen region, tel.: 8-904-873-76-24.